Course Description

Adapting to university life can be a daunting and highly stressful time for young people and their families, as everyone adjusts to the many challenges and changes it brings.

This hugely helpful and informative webinar – aimed at parents/carers, students, teachers and counsellors – contains some of the best advice available for anxious students and their loved ones.

Gareth's wealth of experience is condensed into sound, practical advice that you can implement straight away.

He highlights potential problems many aren't aware of – as well as what not to worry about – and shows you how to make the transition to university as stress-free as possible, for everyone involved...

What you will learn

  • Why the transition into university can be difficult for almost all students – and how you can make it easier
  • Practical steps you can take to help them prepare for university – even in the last few days before they go
  • The myths about university and student life that can trip up many students and parents, plus what to expect from the early weeks of term – what you shouldn’t worry about
  • A guide to the key processes students go through during the first weeks of university and how they can use this time to make the next three years better
  • An understanding of the holistic nature of learning at university level and what this means for students
  • Advice on what to do if or when things aren’t going as well as hoped – including tips on managing anxiety (important information as high levels of anxiety and stress can lead to mental health problems)
  • Why it’s important for parents and carers to look after their own emotional health, and some ways you might do this
  • How to prepare for the changes you will see in your son or daughter.

Who is this webinar for?

– Parents/carers of prospective university students – anywhere in the world

– Students about to embark on university life

– Professionals working in schools, colleges and universities

The information and ideas Gareth shares are vital for parents, guardians, teachers, university counsellors and students themselves

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Feedback from the live webinar

"Huge thanks for offering this terrific online seminar – it was well worth my time – very informative."

"Gareth explains things so clearly and calmly – it made it very easy to grasp. I like the way he uses real life examples and brings things back to the people listening, as well as taking account of people in different situations."

"You covered so much in the time – and it was all incredibly helpful – thank you."

“It was all so good. Brilliant, calm, highly knowledgeable speaker - loved his confidence-building approach - it all sounded eminently do-able. Very important information for adolescents (and their families)”

Parent/grandparent Read more

“Very useful and informative – a great presenter”


"Gareth's depth of experience shows because he can handle any question and come up with a sensible answer on the spot, which is very impressive.”

“Great holistic approach – too often the focus is on a problem and not on the person as a whole”

School Counsellor

“The information and tips on how to help boost students abilities were really useful. Thanks again for a fantastic webinar.”

Teaching Assistant

“Very informative – gives you some great practical ideas to go away and use”

Youth Worker

“A big fat thank you for an engaging and educational webinar!"


“Very accessible, straight-forward language, great links and rich information – based on practical experience and documented research. Really helpful.”


"The lecturer was great! Very interesting subject and a very knowledgable guy who explained things logically and clearly.”


“Thank you, all very informative – lots of concrete strategies. I really enjoy Human Givens books and courses”

“These webinars are excellent and of great value. Thank you.”

"Very helpful, clear advice and guidance”


Tutor Gareth Hughes

Gareth Hughes is a human givens psychotherapist working in the Counselling Service at the University of Derby. His practical experience is considerable – and alongside his counselling role, Gareth conducts research into the wellbeing of students, including the considerable links between wellbeing and academic performance, and learning and emotions. His research has been published in various academic journals. He has a particular interest in the transition of students to university, as well as student anxiety over issues ranging from exams, presentation anxiety to writer's block. Gareth also teaches a 1-day workshop: Anxiety and learning: How to boost students' abilities for HG College and gives workshops at the University as part of the award nominated 'Love Your Mind' programme.

Course curriculum

    1. Webinar replay and Offer

    2. Useful links and information

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