Course Description

Counts towards the HG Diploma Distressing, inappropriate and often violent expressions of frustration, anger and rage are on the increase in all areas of public and private life causing ill-health, stress, misery and sometimes even injury and death.

The best way to help yourself and others is to understand the causes, triggers and behaviour patterns of anger, and to learn effective techniques for diffusing and coping with aggressive situations.

Leading expert Joe Griffin's online course gives you those valuable techniques and the information you need.

It covers: anger and health; anger at work; anger in school; road rage; anger and personal safety; anger in relationships; aggressive public out-bursts of rage and much more.

It also contains essential information – that will help to keep you safe – if you deal with the general public or work with people suffering from anger disorders.

What you will learn

  • Enhanced personal safety in potentially dangerous situations
  • A new 'toolbox' of effective strategies for calming down and dealing with angry people
  • Greater understanding about the relationship between anger and emotional and physical health
  • Insight into what triggers your own anger – and how to control it
  • Better communication and conflict resolution skills
  • The Five Myths about anger – that everyone needs to know
  • Information about the effects of anger on our minds and bodies
  • Ways to diffuse potentially violent situations
  • Three invaluable techniques for disarming criticism
  • Why people react aggressively without thinking of the consequences
  • The difference between healthy and destructive anger
  • Understanding road-rage – and how to reduce it
  • The importance of helping children to manage their anger better
  • A better understanding of why anger and aggression are on the increase
  • Ways to inoculate yourself against stress build-up
  • How to deal with passive aggression
  • What makes a 'rage-aholic' – why getting angry can become addictive
  • Using non-verbal signals to diffuse situations
  • Improved treatment strategies for helping patients and clients master their uncontrolled anger
  • CPD certificate, that also counts towards the Human Givens Diploma
  • Course notes
  • and more...

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Course content

Part 1 – Why anger and aggression are on the increase 

  • How our society creates angry people
  • The reasons for the rise in angry incidents in hospitals, health centres, on the road, in the classroom, in the office and in the home
  • What happens when we get angry – how anger affects our bodies, our health and our minds
  • Why we can't think clearly when we are angry
  • Five common myths about anger (for example, that venting your angry feelings makes the anger go away)
  • The difference between healthy and destructive anger
  • The APET™ model and anger
  • Why uncontrolled anger is an emotionally driven trance state
  • How to recognise what triggers your own 'anger trances'

Part 2 – How to effectively control your own anger

  • How to help children with their anger
  • How our brains process reality when we're angry
  • The connection between anger and depression
  • The importance of pattern-matching
  • How to relax deeply in five minutes or less. (It's physically impossible to be angry and relaxed at the same time)
  • How to neutralise negative self suggestions
  • How and why our thought processes can deceive us. How to see problems from different perspectives
  • Dealing with road rage
  • Sex and anger
  • How to deal with passive aggression
  • How to inoculate yourself against stress build-up

Part 3 – Coping effectively with other people's anger

  • Timing is everything
  • A powerful way to change thinking and attitudes
  • Left-brain / right-brain differences
  • Moving your mind and body into an appropriate state of relaxed alertness
  • How to use non-verbal body language to lower the emotional temperature in a situation and build rapport
  • The ABC method of anger control
  • Why we get more angry with those we love
  • The easiest way to change other people's behaviour
  • The LIFE model of effective communication – simple but powerfully effective ways to prevent anger build-up through effective communication skills

Part 4 – The aggression inhibition reflex

  • All animals possess an 'aggression inhibition reflex' which when stimulated can have an instantly calming effect in an aggressive situation
  • Experts on human conflict have noticed the same reflex in humans – we show you six ways to trigger this reflex in an angry person to calm them down
  • This technique can even help you extricate yourself unharmed from potentially violent situations
  • Why human intelligence is not fixed
  • The importance of non-verbal behaviour
  • How to minimise the risk of violence – inc. knowing when you should leave
  • The dangers of extreme stress – why you should listen to your instincts
  • Three invaluable techniques for disarming criticism
  • And more...

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Is this course for me?

  • If you deal professionally with members of the public in difficult, stressful circumstances, this course – presented without jargon – is for you
  • If you counsel or treat angry people, this training is for you
  • If anger is affecting you personally – or you would simply like to deepen your understanding of anger and its effects – this course will be of benefit to you too

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Course format

  •  13 Videos 
  •  21 Quizzes 
  •  4 Texts 
  •  PDF Notes 
  •  6 hrs 

'Effective Anger Management' is based on our one-day seminar of the same name. This online course is split into 4 modules, each of which are broken down further into different sections containing filmed lectures given in English by the tutor, Joe Griffin.

Each film clip is followed by a short series of multiple choice questions. These are designed to help you think about and absorb the course content and to check that you have understood the main points of that section before proceeding to the next.

There are also course notes for you to download, plus additional reading information and helpful links.

You can take as long as you like to work your way through the course and can view it as many times as you like.

Once you have completed the course, you will receive a CPD certificate, which counts towards the Human Givens Diploma.

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Diploma-linked Certificate

When you successfully complete the course, you will be awarded a CPD Certificate by HG College and The Human Givens Institute (equivalent to 6 hours of continuing professional development).

'Effective Anger Management' is also a required module of Part 1 of the Human Givens Diploma, so by successfully completing this online course you will also have completed a part of this highly respected qualification.

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Student feedback

“The whole course was just excellent, lots of valuable and useful information all presented in an informative and entertaining way.”

Support Needs Co-ordinator

“I have anger problems of my own, or so I have been told, but I also work in the segregation department of the prison, and I will use the skills/information I've learnt today to help me with dealing with difficult/angry prisoners.”

Prison Officer

“All very useful – I have an extreme interest and a passion for improving children's lives. I will be looking into the Diploma as a result of this first course.”


“I could have avoided so much trouble in my life if I'd only known then what I learnt today!”

Sales ManagerRead more

“All of the course was useful, particularly the info on pattern matching, skills and communication.”


“I appreciated the enormous amount of relevant and up-to-date information which was presented in a very palatable way – with humour too! Presentation made a lot of sense, was jargon-free and made me rethink some of my previous work in this area with clients – time for an update! I was never bored or lost focus! Thank you for such a stimulating and thought-provoking day.”

Counsellor/Therapist NHS

“Everything has been hugely beneficial for my ongoing development.”

Registered Care Manager

“An excellent seminar! It also made me think about how I manage my staff and how I can be more supportive. I will also try to incorporate elements of this into tutorials for my F.E. students.”

Head of Student Services

“A fantastic day – not just theory, full of practical advice.”


“Reframing was really useful information. The 7/11 technique is a great tool and always works.”

'Mind' Worker

“Everything was brilliantly presented, very interesting and so informative. Particularly useful were the sections on LIFE technique and re-framing.”

Behaviour Support Therapist

“This knowledge is so important it should be actively incorporated into every school, organisation and business.”

Marketing Manager

“An excellent tutor who is professional and easy to understand. It was a very riveting experience. This makes me want to learn more and more about the Human Givens approach.”

Scheme Manager, Homeless Hostel

“The HG organising idea makes perfect sense to me. I'm totally hooked! The lecturer was enchanting – fantastic communication skills and fabulous illustrations.”

Mental Health Resettlement Worker

“Superb reinforcement of good parenting skills. So good to hear these strategies explained so coherently.”

Parenting Advisor

“Brilliant. I will use everything I've heard today in my work. Excellent training that will enhance my clinical practice.”


“Good mixture of theory and practical strategies to use with clients.”

Counsellor (FE College)

“All very thought-provoking and interesting. I feel inspired to continue to learn more and incorporate all the new information and become familiar with it in order to equip me in my work.”

Addiction Counsellor

“Lots of excellent anecdotes and stories that illustrate key points.”

Marketing Manager

“My first 'taste' of HG approach. Feel like I have had a really good meal – but would like much more! Fascinating insight and so much to think through and process. Thank you very much.”

Learning Mentor – ASD Outreach Service, Greenwich

“Further consolidation of the principles of HG. Not only have I learned how to deal with anger in others, but also a lot about myself (as always!). This seminar is essential for anyone who works with people on a day-to-day basis.”

Psychology Graduate

“...these skills are priceless not only for work but also family life. The human givens approach is the way forward.”

Social Worker Mental Health

“I had hardly any understanding of anger management and often feel very frightened. This has helped me look at this and manage my emotions better.”

Co. Administrator/Director –Rehab Centre

“All of it was helpful as I am due to run Anger Management groups. I cannot think how it could have been improved.”

Occupational Therapist

“Clear talking with lots of examples, a balance of talk and information (lovely examples) – making understanding better and clearer. This is one of the best seminars I've been to for a long time – excellent – thanks.”

Manager of a Mental Health Resource Centre (MIND)

“I really enjoyed the course – I particularly liked the way the tutor gave so many real life examples to help clarify theory. I also liked his sense of humour – helped to sustain interest and energy.”


“The seminar was delivered in such a wonderful, personal way that it has once again reignited my spark for HG therapy. Great, simple skills for managing an every day phenomenon.”

Jazzercise Instructor

“I had listened to the CD and read the book. My 14th seminar/workshop – still inspires me as much as the initial one. I learnt a lot more than I thought I would today – bringing the other learning together.”


“I've gained many interesting, practical and useful skills in keeping safe and dealing with real everyday issues in my work place.”

Hospital Play Specialist

“The tutor's honesty, humour and real perspective in relaying this vital information is no doubt responsible for the increasing interest and credibility in this field. Thank you again for spreading the light in so many lives, therapists and clients alike.”

Local Authority Officer

“Wonderful. Utter common sense.”


“I was impressed with the holistic vision of human beings as evident in the human givens approach. The content of the lectures are very clear and well illustrated.”

Teacher in a special needs school

“The skills I learnt here will be invaluable for dealing with the situations I often see on my sites – and I now have strategies for holding my own and getting my points across.”

Project Manager – Construction

“The human givens approach has allowed me to become confident within my role in helping others, in situations I never would have felt possible. Highly recommended to all professionals.”

Domestic Violence Support Worker

“Really useful to learn to understand anger and how to express it healthily and deal with others who don't. 'Unasked for advice = criticism' was very powerful for me.”


“Debunked the myths – and with a sense of humour too!”

Project Worker

“The explanations of anger, and the physiology of anger gave a good insight into the 'what' is happening, which then gives more credence to the best practice of the 'how' of managing anger.”


“Gave a greater understanding of the background to how anger effects the physical body.”


“An excellent day, full of very useful ideas and strategies.”


“Good techniques to put into practice in work and home situations. Very good examples that made them real.”

HR Manager

“I work closely with young people and families and this has helped me greatly in understanding their behaviours and attitudes. I shall certainly use some of the strategies suggested today.”

Education Welfare Officer on Multi Agency TeamClose

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Co-Founder Joe Griffin

Joe Griffin B.SC.Hons (Psych), M.PHIL. (Psych), AFBPsS, FHGI is a psychologist with many years' experience both in psychotherapeutic practice and in training psychotherapists - over the last 20 years thousands of health professionals have enjoyed his practical workshops and seminars on effective psychotherapy for treating anxiety related disorders, depression, trauma and addiction.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Course Notes - download here

    1. 1. The cost of anger

    2. – multiple choice questions 1

    3. – multiple choice questions 2

    4. 2. The best approach to treating problematic angry behaviour

    5. – multiple choice questions 1

    6. – multiple choice questions 2

    7. – multiple choice questions 3

    8. – multiple choice questions 4

    9. 3. Our innate resources

    10. – multiple choice questions 1

    11. – multiple choice questions 2

    12. Further information

    13. 4. Anger and our brain

    14. – multiple choice questions 1

    15. – multiple choice questions 2

    16. 5. The APET™ model and anger

    17. – multiple choice questions

    18. Further information

    1. 6. Children and anger

    2. – multiple choice questions

    3. 7. The myths of anger

    4. – multiple choice questions

    5. 8. Sex and anger

    6. – multiple choice questions

    1. 9. Timing is everything

    2. – multiple choice questions

    3. 10. Learn your ABC

    4. – multiple choice questions 1

    5. – multiple choice questions 2

    6. 11. The LIFE class

    7. – multiple choice questions 1

    8. – multiple choice questions 2

    1. 12. Three ways to deal with criticism

    2. – multiple choice questions

    3. 13. Reducing the dangers associated with angry people

    4. – multiple choice questions

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