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Our online psychotherapy and counselling courses give you new information about the causes and best ways to treat depression, anxiety disorders, addictions, compulsive behaviour, stress, psychosis, anger problems and more. They are the ideal way to further your professional development – and increase your effectiveness.
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Why do we dream? Free

Why do we dream?

Joe Griffin reviews past theories and new research findings (which add further evidence for his own theory) as he tells the riveting story of how he solved the mystery of our dreams...

Tutor: Joe Griffin

Diploma Course

8 of our online courses also count towards the Human Givens Diploma

This is a highly practical psychotherapy course that is revolutionising the successful treatment, understanding and prevention of mental and emotional health issues that affect all human beings.

PSA accreditation

Graduates of the Human Givens Diploma are eligible to join the Human Givens Institute's Professional Register of HG Therapists, which is accredited in the UK by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).